05 April 2016

Thematic Focus: ICTs, esp. Data


6 Lessons from Sharing Humanitarian Data (LLRX, Feb. 2016) [text]

The Appification of Migration: A Million Migrants? There are Apps for That (APPS Policy Forum, Jan. 2016) [text]

Bringing Twitter Streams to Disasters (ReliefWeb Blog, April 2016) [text]    

*The GovLab Selected Readings on Data and Humanitarian Response (GovLab, April 2016) [text]

Standardising Humanitarian Data for a Better Response: The Humanitarian eXchange Language (ALNAP, March 2016) [text]

"Unveiling Hidden Migration and Mobility Patterns in Climate Stressed Regions: A Longitudinal Study of Six Million Anonymous Mobile Phone Users in Bangladesh," Global Environmental Change, vol. 38 (May 2016) [open access]


Data Collection and Refugee Protection (ATHA, Dec. 2015) [info]
- Follow link for podcast.

Humanitarian Tech Hub (ICRC & EPFL) [access]
- A four year research programme "whose goal is to foster collaboration between the humanitarian and scientific sectors, as well as specialists in other fields, to develop technologies to tackle the humanitarian challenges facing the world today." Read more about it in this ICRC blog post.

Mediterranean Rumor Tracker (Internews et al.) [access]
- "[A] project that collects all of the rumors among refugees passing through Europe. [It identifies] misinformation and hearsay and respond[s] to it with relevant, factual information... ."


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