29 April 2016

News: 30th Anniversary of Imposing Aid

Barbara Harrell-Bond's book, Imposing Aid: Emergency Assistance to Refugees, was published in 1986 but remains an influential text in the field of refugee studies today. To commemorate this anniversary, the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) is hosting a new seminar series during its Trinity Term to "reflect on the continuing relevance of the themes raised in Imposing Aid, and its enduring influence on the shape of the discipline: the way humanitarian organisations work or do not work, the critical study of how such organisations may be paternalistic or unaccountable, the conflicts of interest and disparities of power which characterise the interactions between refugees and their ostensible helpers, and the place of refugees in the complex order of international emergency relief settings."

If you have not yet read this seminal work, you can find it in Forced Migration Online's Digital Library. And to get a sense of why it was an important study, read this article by Elizabeth Colson.

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