22 April 2016

Thematic Focus: Children

Egyptian Unaccompanied Migrant Children: A Case Study on Irregular Migration (IOM, April 2016)[text]

A Future in the Balance: How the Conflict in Syria is Impacting on the Needs, Concerns and Aspirations of Young People across the Middle East (Norwegian Refugee Council, April 2016) [text]

A Future in the Balance: Lebanon (Norwegian Refugee Council, April 2016) [text]

Hundreds of Children Seeking UK Asylum are Disappearing from Care (BuzzFeed & BBC Radio 5, April 2016) [text]

"'Illegal Bodies' on the Move: A Critical Look at Forced Migration towards Social Justice for Young Asylum-seekers," Chapter in Perspectives on Youth, vol. 3 (Council of Europe, March 2016) [text via Academia.edu]
- Scroll to p. 83.

The Impact of Protection Interventions on Unaccompanied and Separated Children in Humanitarian Crises: An Evidence Synthesis Protocol (Oxfam et al., April 2016) [text]

"The Politics of Fear: Unaccompanied Immigrant Children and the Case of the Southern Border," Villanova Law Review, vol. 61 (Forthcoming) [eprint via SSRN]

Putting Children at the Heart of the World Humanitarian Summit: Children's Perspectives and Engagement in Humanitarian Emergencies (Plan International, 2016) [text via PreventionWeb]

Revealed: Fourfold Rise as 95,000 Unaccompanied Children Claim Asylum in Europe in 2015 (Bureau of Investigative Journalism, April 2016) [text]

"Understanding the Perspectives of Refugee Unaccompanied Minors Using a Computer-Assisted Interview," Forum: Qualitative Social Research, vol. 17, no. 2 (2016) [open access]

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