06 April 2016

New ETDs/Student Papers - Pt. 2

Clashes between Refugees and Host Communities: The Case Study of Kakuma Refugee Camp, 1992-2013, Master's thesis (Univ. of Nairobi, 2015) [text]

Explaining the Academic Achievement and Well-being of Adolescent Immigrants and Refugees in British Columbia, Dissertation (Univ. of British Columbia, 2016) [text]

The Gender Perspectives of Somali Refugees in Eastleigh, Nairobi City County, on Repatriation to Their Country, Master's thesis (Univ. of Nairobi, 2015) [text]

Hutu Rwandan Refugees of Dzaleka: Double-exile and its Impact on Conceptions of Home and Identity, Master's thesis (Univ. of Ottawa, 2016) [text]

Influence of Psycho-social Support Strategies in Promotion of Mental Health among Refugees in Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya: A Case of Center for Victims of Torture, Master's thesis (Univ. of Nairobi, 2015) [text]

The Life Experiences of Ten Female Refugees from Iraq and Iran: An Oral History Research Study, Dissertation (Univ. of San Francisco, 2016) [text]

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