15 April 2016

Thematic Focus: Solutions


Conference on Solutions to Displacement, Oslo, 21 April 2016 [info]
- Register by 18 April 2016.


At Least 10,000: A Six-month Progress Report on U.S. Resettlement of Syrian Refugees (Human Rights First, April 2016) [text]
- See also related infographic.

The Refugee Integration Survey and Evaluation (RISE), Year Five: Final Report - A Study of Refugee Integration in Colorado (Colorado Dept. of Human Services, 2016) [text]
- See also related Colorado Public Radio story.

Refugee Reception and Integration in Cities (EUROCITIES, March 2016) [text]

Relocation and Resettlement: EU Member States Urgently Need to Deliver (European Commission, April 2016) [text]

Resettlement Fact Sheet 2015 (UNHCR, April 2016) [text]

Second Report on Relocation and Resettlement (European Commission, April 2016) [text]

Young Children of Refugees in the United States: Integration Successes and Challenges (Migration Policy Institute, March 2016) [text]
- See also related webinar.

"What It’s Like to Live on a Syrian Refugee’s Stipend," Toronto Life, 31 March 2016 [text via ESPMI]

Web sites:

European Web Site on Integration (European Commission) [access]

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