17 April 2014

Regional Focus: Asia Pacific


Asylum Seekers Left High and Dry in Indonesia (IRIN, April 2014) [text]

Boat People, Politics and Humanity (Agora Dialogue, April 2014) [text]

Expedited Processing of Asylum Seekers: The Future of Refugee Status Determination in Australia?, Bachelor's thesis (Murdoch University, Nov. 2013) [text]

Offshore Processing: Lessons from the ‘Pacific Solution’ (FlagPost, April 2014) [text]

Post Return Assessment in Tirah Valley: Consultation with Returnees and Mission Conducted from 25 to 29 March 2014 (Protection Cluster, April 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Rohingya Refugee Making Factory (openDemocracy, March 2014) [text]

United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Statement at the Conclusion of Its Visit to New Zealand (24 March-7 April 2014) [text via Human Rights Commission]

Why Refugees Need Legal Aid (Castan Centre, April 2014) [text]

Web site:

APRRN Wiki [access]
- "This database has been created as a source to easily access information for those who work with legal aid for refugees."

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