09 April 2014

Thematic Focus: General

Last minute event:

Disasters and Displacement: Challenges, Solutions and Linkages, Washington, DC, 9 April 2014 [info]
- A panel of experts "will look at some of the challenges which disaster-induced displacement poses for policies and laws at the national and international levels."


"The Globalization of Migration: Has the World Become More Migratory?," International Migration Review, vol. 48, no. 2 (Summer 2014) [open access]
- See also earlier IMI paper.

Preventing Mass Atrocities: Resilient Societies, State Capacity, and Structural Reform, Policy Dialogue Brief (Stanley Foundation, April 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Quantifying Global International Migration Flows," Science Magazine, vol. 343, no. 6178 (March 2014) [free access via author site]

Refugee or Migrant Diasporas: Does it Make a Difference? (UNU-MERIT, March 2014) [text]
- Summary of "Refugee Diasporas in Development," Brussels, 18 March 2014.

UNHCR Ideas: Open Innovation Inspiring Collaboration and New Ideas within the UN (Humanitarian Innovation Project, March 2014) [text]

Events after the fact:

Global Refugee Simulation & Conference, 29-29 March 2014 (American Red Cross) [access]
- Webcast of the conference is available.

Refugee Voices Conference, Oxford, 24-25 March 2014 (Refugee Studies Centre) [access]
- Audiovisual media for the presentations are being uploaded.

Roundtable on Solutions, Copenhagen, 2-3 April 2014 [access]
- "The Copenhagen Roundtable will bring together a number of humanitarian actors, development organisations, affected states, donor nations, academics and other actors that can contribute to addressing displacement that has occurred as a result of armed conflict." Builds in part on the Transitional Solutions Initiative.

Web site:

The Global Flow of People [access]
- "Explore new estimates of migration flows between and within regions for five-year periods, 1990 to 2010. Click on a region to discover flows country-by-country." Companion site for Science study referenced above.

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