09 March 2015

Regional Focus: Europe

2014 Asylum Trends and Facts (EIN Blog, Feb. 2015) [text]

EU to Consider (Again) Offshore Asylum/Migration Processing Centres (Postcards from... Blog, March 2015) [text]

Europe's Incomplete Migration Agenda (IRIN, March 2015) [text]

Germany Showing the Way (Oppenheimer Chair, Feb. 2015) [text]

Hungary Reacts to Migrant Influx (IRIN, March 2015) [text]

The Impact of the Current Military Conflict on Migration and Mobility in Ukraine, RSCAS Working Paper, no. 2015/15 (EUI, 2015) [text]

Labour and Asylum: Regional Approaches to Migration, Briefing Paper, no. 363 (CPLO, Nov. 2014) [text via SIHMA]

Legal Entry Channels to the EU for Persons in Need of International Protection: A Toolbox (EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, March 2015) [text]

A New Approach to Migration in the Light of Africa-EU Relations (ENoP, Nov. 2014) [text]

Speaking for Ourselves: Hearing Refugee Voices - A Journey towards Empowerment (UNHCR, May 2014) [text]

Why Europe Needs a New Approach to the Refugee Crisis (WEF Agenda, Dec. 2014) [text]

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