05 March 2015

Thematic Focus: Law/Policy Items

"Another Parochial Decision? The Common European Asylum System at the Crossroad between IHL and Refugee Law in Diakité," Questions of International Law, Zoom in, 16 Feb. 2015 [text via SSRN]

"The Benefit of the Doubt" in Asylum Law  (RefLaw Blog, March 2015) [text]

Best Practice Guide to Asylum and Human Rights Appeals (EIN, updated 2015) [text]

"Book Review: Lives in the Balance: Asylum Adjudication by the Department of Homeland Security," Law & Politics Books Review, vol. 24, no. 12 (Dec. 2014) [text]

"Searching for Consistency in Asylum's Protected Grounds," Iowa Law Review, vol. 100, no. 4 (2015) [full-text]

"Establishing a Positive Right to Migrate as a Solution to Food Scarcity," Emory International Law Review, vol. 29, no. 1 (2014) [full-text]

Journal of International Criminal Justice, vol. 12, no. 5 (Dec. 2014) [free full-text]
- Theme is "The Interaction between Refugee Law and International Criminal Justice."

Migrants' Rights (UN Audiovisual Library of International Law, 2015) [access]
- Follow link for video of lecture.

"Sanctuary in the 21st Century: The Unique Asylum Exception to the Extradition Rule," Michigan State International Law Review, vol 23, no. 1 (2014) [full-text]

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