24 March 2017

New Issue of Refuge

The latest issue of Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugee Issues is now available. As explained further in the introduction, the theme is "Power and Influence in the Global Refugee Regime."

Refuge is open access so all articles are freely available!

Contents of vol. 33, no. 1, 2017 include:

  • Power in the Global Refugee Regime: Understanding Expressions and Experiences of Power in Global and Local Contexts
  • US Leadership and the International Refugee Regime
  • Australia as a Powerbroker on Refugee Protection in Southeast Asia: The Relationship with Indonesia
  • Power and Responsibility at the Margins: The Case of India in the Global Refugee Regime
  • Effecting Change: Civil Servants and Refugee Policy in 1970s Canada
  • Les hauts et les bas du financement canadien au HCR: quelle aide et pour quels réfugiés?
  • UNHCR’s Origins and Early History: Agency, Influence, and Power in Global Refugee Policy
  • Finding Space for Protection: An Inside Account of the Evolution of UNHCR’s Urban Refugee Policy
  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM): Gaining Power in the Forced Migration Regime

Also included are four book reviews.

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