24 March 2017

Regional Focus: Europe - General

The Case for a Common European Refugee Policy (Bruegel, March 2017) [text]

Dealbreaker: EU Migration Policy Causes More Harm and Chaos One Year after EU-Turkey Deal (openDemocracy, March 2017) [text]

The End of Europe Wrapped up a Spreadsheet? (Netzwerk Fl├╝chtlingsforschung Blog, March 2017) [text]
- Discusses a visit to EASO.

The EU at 60: Will the EU Regain Its Lost Humanity Regarding Refugees? (RI Blog, March 2017) [text]

'Exiles in the Aegean': A Year after the EU–Turkey Deal (openDemocracy, March 2017) [text]

How the Refugee Crisis is Dealing Another Blow to Europe's Roma (The Conversation, March 2017) [text]

Palestinian Refugees from Syria and Their Fate in Europe (Refugee Outreach & Research Network Blog, Feb. 2017) [text]

The Problem with Having No Plan B If E.U. Deal with Turkey Fails (Refugees Deeply, March 2017) [text]

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