06 March 2017

Events & Opportunities: Still More March 2017/New April 2017

RFP: Literature Review on Displacement, Refugees, Asylum and Security [info]
- No deadline indicated.

Conference: How Can Humanitarian Civil Society Better Navigate a Complex World? The Importance of NGO Engagement with Host Governments, Geneva, 28 March 2017 [info]
- Register by 17 March 2017.

Report launch: Making the Asylum Appeals Process Fair for Women, London, 30 March 2017 [info]

Award: Migration Media Award for Journalistic Excellence on Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region [info]
- Submit entries by 31 March 2017.

CFP: Irregular Migrants, Refugees or Victims of Human-Trafficking? Analysis, Advocacy and Assistance between Categorizations and (Self )Identifications, Bangkok, 21-22 June 2017 [info]
- Submit proposals by 31 March 2017.

Workshop: Immigration Detention in the Age of Migration Control, Los Angeles, 7 April 2017 [info]
- Register by 31 March 2017.

Seminar: Nordic Asylum Law Seminar, Reykjavík, 29-30 May 2017 [info]
- Registration deadline is 1 April 2017.

CFP: Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration [info]
- Submission deadline is 2 April 2017.

CFP: "The Making of Peace, Conflict and Security: Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion," Panel at 6th Bi-annual Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology Meeting (PACSA), Amsterdam, 28-30 August 2017 [info]
- Submission deadline is 2 April 2017.

Funding opportunity: NGO Programs Benefiting Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia [info]
- The proposal submission deadline is 5 April 2017.

Funding opportunity: NGO Programs Benefiting Malian Refugees in Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Niger; Nigerian Refugees in Niger; Refugee Returnees in Mali, Senegal, or Cote d'Ivoire [info]
- The proposal submission deadline is 7 April 2017.

Symposium: The Next Generation of Humanitarianism and Refugee Studies: Challenges and Opportunities, New Haven, CT, 13 April 2017 [info]
- Save the date; details not yet available.

CFP: Migration and International Law: Beyond the Emergency?, XXII Annual Conference of the Italian Society of International Law and European Union Law, Trento, Italy, 8-9 June 2017 [info]
- Submit abstracts by 15 April 2017.

Conference: The Second International Conference: Refugees in the Middle East, Amman, 3-4 May 2017 [info]
- Register by 15 April 2017.

Course: 2017 Statelessness Summer Course, Tilburg, 31 July-4 August 2017 [info]
- Application deadline is 15 April 2017.

Workshop: Witnessing: Refugee Testimonies and Advocacy, Worcester, MA, 27-30 April 2017 [info]
- Maximum of 20 participants.

CFP: World on the Move: Migration, Societies and Change, Manchester, UK, 30 October-1 November 2017 [info]
- Abstract submission deadline is 30 April 2017.

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