28 October 2015

Events & Opportunities: Additional Oct. & Nov. 2015

Call for interest: Refugee-led Organisations Incubation Program [info]
- Developed by Urban Refugees; no deadline indicated.

Webinar: Escaping Conflict: The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained, 30 October 2015 [info]
- Registration deadline is 29 October 2015.

Seminar: Crisis or Turning Point? The Shifting Sands of British Politics & the Migration Crisis, London, 29 October 2015 [info]

Transforming the UK’s Immigration and Asylum System: The Next Steps, London, 27 January 2016 [info]
- Deadline for early bird registration is 30 October 2015.

Call for applications: An Ethnographic Study of Selected Communities Affected by the Great Earthquake 2015, Monash University [info]
- Apply by 1 November 2015.

Symposium: Working on the Edge of Society: Migrants in Illegal, Precarious or Exploitative Work, Sheffield, UK, 2 November 2015 [info]

Conference: Intersecting Discourses on Migration in the UK, Germany and Russia, Birmingham, UK, 5 November 2015 [info]

Workshop: The Fear of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as Grounds for Seeking Asylum, Oxford, 11 November 2015 [info]
- Places are still available.

Conference: "Addressing Forced Displacement within the African Continent through Progressive Legislative Developments and the Critical Role of the Judiciary," Africa Chapter of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges, Marrakesh, 25-27 November 2015 [info]
- Note: A pre-conference professional development session will take place 23-24 Nov. 2015.

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