23 October 2015

Regional Focus: Europe

*Desperate Journey (Human Rights Watch, 2015) [access]
- Regularly updated feature.

*Dissemination of Information on Voluntary Return: How to Reach Irregular Migrants not in Contact with the Authorities (European Migration Network, Oct. 2015) [text]

Greece: Attacks on Boats Risk Migrant Lives (Human Rights Watch, Oct. 2015) [text]

*Hotspot "Solution" Deepens Refugee Crisis (IRIN, Oct. 2015) [text]

"The Migrant Crisis: German Flexibility," The Economist, 24 Oct. 2015 [text]

A Migration Crisis? Facts, Challenges and Possible Solutions (ODI, Oct. 2015) [text]
- See also related infographic and blog post.

Non, Merci! Why Refugees Avoid France (IRIN, Oct. 2015) [text]

Polish Response to the Refugee Crisis: Where the Wild Things Are? (Debate Migration Blog, Oct. 2015) [text]

Refugee Crisis: Greece and Italy "State of Play" from the European Commission including "Return Flights" ; First Groups "Nationality Screened" for "Return" (Statewatch, Oct. 2015) [access]

*Refugee Passports Could End Border Delays in the Balkans (The Conversation, Oct. 2015) [text]

"Ten Borders: One Refugee's Epic Escape from Syria," New Yorker, 26 Oct. 2015 [text]

*"Turning Asylum Seekers into ‘Dangerous Criminals’: Experiences of the Criminal Justice System of Those Seeking Sanctuary," International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, vol. 4, no. 3 (2015) [open access]

What's Next for the European Asylum Crisis?, Webinar, 20 Oct. 2015 [info]
- Follow link for video.

Will the Refugee Crisis be Europe's Defining Moment? Millions Fleeing Conflict are Testing the West's Humanitarian Convictions (Zócolo Public Square, Oct. 2015) [access]


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