21 October 2015

Open Access Week: Self-Archiving JRS Articles

Earlier this year, I updated a study to determine the extent to which authors of articles published in the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) have deposited eprints of their articles in institutional or other kinds of repositories (in Open Access-speak, this is referred to as "self-archiving," or green OA).  I have summarized some of the findings on a special page over on my OA blog.  In addition, I list and link to all the eprints that I located.

I think the case study provides a useful way to learn more about this method of providing Open Access to one's work. The primary advantage of green OA is that it allows authors to continue publishing in their journals of choice, and still make their research more widely available. The disadvantage is that journal publishers often require a certain amount of time to pass before an eprint can be made available to the public online.

I hope to eventually undertake similar studies of other journals.

Please take a look!

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