12 March 2014

Regional Focus: Australia

Developments in Australia’s Response to Asylum Seekers: Post 2013 Election (Human Rights in Ireland, Feb. 2014) [text]

Humanitarian Program Related Policy Changes: 18 Month Snapshot (Victorian Refugee Health Network, March 2014) [access via BroCAP]

Mind the Ethical Gap: Australian Refugee Policy (Protection Gateway, Feb. 2014) [text]

Private Security Firms Prosper as More Migrants Detained (IRIN, March 2014) [text]

"Stopping the Boats: Australia's Appalling Example to the World," Presentation at "The Globalization of High Seas Interdiction: Sale’s Legacy and Beyond," New Haven, CT, 7-8 March 2014 [text]

Temporary Protection by Hook or by Crook (FlagPost Blog, March 2014) [text]

"UN Human Rights Commissioner to Call for Review of PNG Offshore Processing," The Guardian, 5 March 2014 [text]

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