05 March 2014

Regional Focus: Europe


EU Migration Policy: A Push Back for Migrants’ Rights in Greece?, Brussels, 20 March 2014 [info]
- Register by 9 March 2014; will also be livestreamed.

The New EU Asylum Package and Identification of Vulnerable Asylum Seekers, Brussels, 20 March 2014 [info]
- A symposium organized by Protect-Able (Process of Recognition and Orientation of Torture Victims in European Countries to Facilitate Care and Treatment).


Erhebungen zu Qualitätsstandards der Rechtsberatung im österreichischen Asylverfahren = Surveys on Quality Standards of Legal Services in the Austrian Asylum Procedure (UNHCR, Sept. 2013) [text]

The European Asylum System as a Non Cooperative Game: The Role of Harmonisation, Working Paper, no. 1 (Centro di Ricerche Economiche e Giuridiche, 2014) [text]

International Protection Considerations related to Developments in Ukraine (UNHCR, March 2014) [text]

Refugees Perceptions, Rights Compliance and the Implications on European Reception Policy: Results from a Survey, Working Paper, no. 2 (Centro di Ricerche Economiche e Giuridiche, 2013) [text]

The Swiss Vote against Mass Immigration and International Law: A Preliminary Assessment, Global Migration Policy Brief, no. 1 (Global Migration Centre, March 2014) [text]

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