09 March 2014

Tip of the Week! Create Your Own RSS Feed

As I noted in this earlier post, I am a big fan of RSS feeds.  I find them much easier to monitor for new content and to manage than I do email alerts.  But not all sites offer RSS feeds.  Or sometimes the RSS feeds that are available don't include the content I'm interested in.  In these cases, my work-around is to create my own feeds using Page2RSS.

Here's an example: The Global Migration Centre (formerly the Programme for the Study of Global Migration) produces a number of relevant reports and hosts some interesting events, but its web site doesn't make an RSS feed available.  To create one, simply copy the URL of the page you wish to monitor for updates (I used the home page address) and paste it into the box at Page2RSS.  Click on "To RSS" and the service will generate a feed for you to copy and paste into your reader application.  When something on that GMC page changes, your feed will update to alert you to the new content.  Simple!

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