11 March 2014

Regional Focus: Europe

Last minute opportunity:

Call for Civil Society Input to the 2013 EASO Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the EU (EASO) [info]
- Submit input by 14 March 2014.


All Quiet on the Bulgaria Front? (RI Blog, March 2014) [text]

EASO Newsletter (Feb. 2014) [full-text]
- News and information from the European Asylum Support Office.

Refugee Protection and International Migration in the Western Balkans: Suggestions for a Comprehensive Regional Approach, Vienna, 10-11 Dec. 2013 [info]
- Follow link for agenda, participants, summary report, and draft Regional Action Plan.  See also the initial concept note for the roundtable and this commissioned paper.

Refugee Protection, Migration and Human Rights in Europe: Notes from the Field, Lecture by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, London, 4 March 2014 [text]

Refugee Situation in Bulgaria: External Update (UNHCR Central Europe, March 2014) [text]

Refugees Recognition by European States: Are There Spillover Effects? Working Paper, no. 1 (Centro di Ricerche Economiche e Giuridiche, 2013) [text]

"The Rise and Fall of Asylum Politics in the European News," Paper presented at "Resurrections: 21st International Conference of Europeanists," Washington, DC, 14-16 March 2014 [text]

Wrongly Convicted Asylum Seekers: Whose Responsibility? (Border Criminologies Blog, Feb. 2014) [text]

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